Small Town Roots
Junavelli Winery began as an experiment, it grew into a passion.

Junavelli was officially founded in May of 2018, however, our wine making actually started back in 2004 when Roger, the winemaker at Junavelli, first experimented with winemaking as a hobby. After a few hits, and misses, his creation was perfected to become the Sweet Blueberry that is apart of our present line-up.

What started as a hobby soon became a passion. With help from the rest of the family, he ventured out from blueberries, and the garage, and began to experiment with other flavors such as blackberries, strawberries, and muscadine grapes. Many of these recipes have already made their way into our current lineup, and there are many others to look for in the future!

After so many years of wine making equipment taking up most of Lisa’s living room, enough friends and family had visited, tasted the wine, and loved it enough to convince Roger to make enough wine to share with everyone! Thus, the birth of Junavelli Winery. We hope that you share our passion for great wine and greater times. We look forward to your call or visit to the winery!

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